BEAR Members

The following were involved with making the BEAR 1 & 2 balloon launches happen.

Brian Crisall VE6BCA Ground Control, Acquisitions, Payload Integration
Barry Sloan VE6SBS Ground Control, Design, Construction
Tim Crisall VE6TCJ Ground Control, Internet Interface
Bruce Aubert VE6SA Launch Specialist
Mitch Mitchal VE6JTM Launch Specialist
James Ewen VE6SRV Recovery Specialist, Operations, Systems Integration
Bruce Murray VE6BRZ Recovery, Lift Specialist
Barry Bergstrom VA6DX Recovery, Tracking
Garrett Sloan VE6RKY Recovery, Acquisitions, Computer Consultant
Bryan Gilbert VE6COE Recovery
Steve Haugh VE6JG Recovery
Barry Paetz VE6JTB Recovery
Matthew Paetz VE6MAT Recovery
David Stelfox ex-VE6GLY Recovery
Michael Brooks VE6MJB Recovery
Heinz Paeuser VE6LDX Recovery
Sylvia Sloan VE6BWF Recovery Descent System Specialist
Wilf Mulder VE7OHM Consultant
Valentino Sarro VE6SZR Consultant
Graham Norman VE6GRN Official Photographer
Walter Ewen VE7WEW Official Observer

If interested in being involved with future launches, e-mail and let us know!

The BEAR team would like to acknowledge all those who helped out financially
by purchasing a ticket on the BEAR 2000 GPS raffle.

Iris Smith     Albert Vaillancourt VE3DPZ   Barry Bergstrom VA6DX
Steve Haugh VE6JG   Andy Tinis VE6KP   Walther Loff VE6LW
Jim Woodbridge VE6MO   Michael Eliuk VE6MY   Bruce Aubert VE6SA
Paul Wickwire VE6SC   Bill Ireland VE6VS   Brian Crisall VE6BCA
Bruce Murray VE6BRZ   Andy Brunelle VE6BUG   Don Smith VE6DKS
David Junker VE6DJJ   Don Crisall VE6DNX   David Evans VE6DXX
Dan Hunt VE6ETS   Graham Walker VE6GRA   Graham Norman VE6GRN
Kim Junker VE6GRR   Mike Muranetz VE6HMG   John Chu VE6JKC
J.T. Mitchell VE6JTM   Ken Parker VE6KJP   Keith O'Donnell VE6KOD
Ken Daniels VE6KWD   Heinz Paeuser VE6LDX   Loran Liebert VE6LRN
Michael Brooks VE6MJB   Nick Harder VE6NLH   Bill Guthrie VE6OLD
Paul Duczynski VE6PDD   Gary Peacock VE6RCZ   Ray Semenoff VE6RHS
Sean Smith VE6SAR   Stephen Olesen VE6SLP   James Ewen VE6SRV
Barry Sloan VE6SBS   Tino Sarro VE6SZR   Tim Crisall VE6TCJ
Mike Wiggle VE6VIS   Michael Brooke VE6XUK   Yotta Van Nus VE6YOT
Dale Norman VE6ZFX   Wilf Mulder VE7OHM      

All cards present and accounted for... The winning card! Dale being presented with his prize.

The Winner of the Garmin GPS II+ raffle prize was Dale Norman, VE6ZFX.
Congratulations Dale, and thank you to everyone who helped finance the project by purchasing a raffle ticket.

The BEAR team would also like to thank the Northern Alberta Radio Club for it's financial support of this endeavor!

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