BEAR 1 & 2 Telemetry

Bear-1 Telemetry Data Bear-2 Telemetry Data

The first two BEAR flights used a MIM chip (now obsolete) for APRS & telemetry transmissions. The MIM chip also featured a CW ID except, in this case, CW wasn't a typical Morse code transmission via keyed unmodulated carrier, but rather by a keyed audio tone transmitted by FM. (although, in one way, calling the keyed FM tone ID a CW ID is actually more appropriate as it's a much more Continuous Wave carrier then the keyed, very intermittent unmodulated carrier.)

BEAR-1 & BEAR-2 Telemetry
A/D Parameter Formula Notes
1 Battery Voltage A/D Value / 30 Voltage
2 Atmospheric Pressure ------- Not Calibrated
3 Inside Temperature A/D Value - 147 = temp C deg Celsius
4 Repeater Temperature deg Celsius
5 Outside Temperature deg Celsius

TELEMETRY: Each telemetry value is a decimal number between 000 and 255.
On-air packet telemetry format is T#sss,111,222,333,444,555,xxxxxxxx where sss is the telemetry transmission serial # followed by the 5 - 3 digit analog values and 8 binary values.


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