BEAR-7  -  July 8th, 2010

This was the first of two UofA (University of Alberta) ISSET balloon flights for their 'Space Academy Camp' with grade 7-9 students. (BEAR-8 was the second flight a week later.) The weather was perfect with little surface wind for an easy launch, upper winds that didn't carry the payload and make it land too far away and just enough clouds to make the images taken by 2 cameras in the payload interesting.

Left - Jason prepares the helium bottle while the rest of us are busy with other things and while a camp leader shows the balloon to students before we notice and are able to inform her that the balloon shouldn't be handled. But I'm beginning to wonder how bad damage from skin oil, other contamination and balloon age really is considering the height this and other old and contaminated balloons we have used reached.

Stuffed beavers outfitted in space suits the camp participates had made were part of the payload along with the 2 cameras and APRS tracker. It appeared everything may not fit while weighing the payload, but after some rearranging the box was sealed shut and the cords used to suspend it below the balloon were added.

The students attached artwork and notes to the payload box, the balloon was inflated, the balloon and payload were tied together and released on their way.
One payload camera even captured
a few interesting images before the launch.

Images from the cameras aboard the payload and of the payload recovery will follow when I have time. For now, see for images ISSET students have posted and the ISSET web site under Outreach Programs / ISSET Space Academy for further images and news coverage video of the two ISSET Space Academy balloon  flights.

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