RTrak-HAB V1.10 Tracker

RTrak-High Altitude Balloon Tracker from RPC Electronics
May 5, 2011

This page is a continuation of the RTrak-HAB V1.9 page. V1.9 was the second of two prototypes and V1.10 is the version now available at RPC Electronics. V1.10 is basically identical to V1.9, except for different voltage regulators, so most of the information on the V1.9 page still applies to V1.10.

Left - the V1.10 board without a MX146-LV transmitter module installed (top) and with a transmitter (bottom).

Size: 2.08" x 3.2" x .67" high
Weight: 30.7 grams.

Power can be supplied by soldering wires to the + & − solder pads

Update - March 30, 2014
Sorry, but I had too many projects and too little time to every get back and finish this page and now that this tracker is no longer available have no plans to do so except for adding this


Some quick tests were done to help determine how long different
Lithium L91/L92 battery sources would power a RTrak-HAB.



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