BEAR 1 & 2 Programming Cable

The programming cable contains a RS-232 to TTL/CMOS serial interface converter built on a small prototyping PCB and connects the RS-232 serial port DB-9 connector of a PC to the 6 pin connector on the tracker assembly.

The RS-232 converter I.C. has 2 receivers and 2 transmitters and handles both the MIM and GPS serial port signals. The circuit board also has LED's that monitor data transmission, Red LEDs for the Tx data from the tracker to the PC and Green LEDs for the Rx data from the PC to the tracker unit.

The circuit is powered with 5 volts from the tracker unit.

A toggle switch selects whether the PC serial port is connected to the MIM module or to the GPS receiver.

During normal tracker operation, a jumper plug is placed in the tracker interface socket to connect the GPS Tx data output signal to the MIM's Rx data input line.

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