Southern Alberta Balloon Launch Experiments
July 8th, 2006



SABLE-2 was launched on Saturday, July 8th - 2006, from the Hanna Airport
where a hanger was used for shelter from the wind while the balloon was filled with helium.
Curtis, VE6AEW, and Carl, VE6GGG, made the trip to Hanna again to help Tony launch and recover
SABLE-2, but James, VE6SRV, and myself - Barry, VE6SBS, were unable to attend this time.

Tony ties off the balloon after it's filled. The chute and payload package are attached before launching the balloon
and watching everything disappear into the blue sky.

This was the last anyone ever saw of SABLE-2. APRS position reports were received, but altitude information was not included due to a programming oversight. Tony, Curtis & Carl tracked the payload and were only a few miles from the last reported position when transmissions suddenly stopped, however the payload was unable to be located even after several different attempts. Assuming transmissions ceased upon landing, that the last transmission was from ≈1000 feet in altitude and taking wind speed into account, SABLE-2 most likely landed in a large slough. This would account for the transmissions suddenly stopping and why the parachute and payload package could not be seen.
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