BEAR-1 - May 27th, 2000

BEAR-1 was recovered 76.2 miles from the launch site after traveling 106.8 miles
and reaching an altitude of 31,762 meters (104,206 ft) during the 4 hr. 34 min. flight.

( X indicates burst point )           ( Star indicates landing point )

BEAR-1 APRS Tracker BEAR-1 Weight


The following links apply to both, BEAR-1 & BEAR-2, balloon flights.
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Parachute Batteries Telemetry Operations Members


Stowaway onboard!

Barry VE6SBS testing the parachute before launch.

Close up of the fill nozzle built by Bruce VE6BRZ.

Bruce VE6SA fills the balloon while
Bruce VE6BRZ runs the helium regulator.

James VE6SRV and Barry VE6SBS keeping
the balloon from blowing about in the breeze.


Balloon filled ready for tying off..

Mitch VE6JTM ties off the neck
while Barry VE6SBS inspects his work


Brian VE6BCA checking pre-launch telemetry

Barry VE6SBS, James VE6SRV and Barry VE6JTB
moving to a clear area prior to release.


James VE6SRV starts
the release sequence....

and runs the lift line towards
Barry VE6SBS with the payload.
and it's away.

Barry VE6SBS, Garrett VE6RKY, and Brian VE6BCA manning ground control.

BEAR-1 back on earth!

Payload landed as desired,
with the antennas vertical.

The Victorious Hunters.
James VE6SRV,  Barry VE6JTB, Barry VA6DX, Michael VE6MJB, Bruce VE6BRZ, Heinz VE6LDX


Inspecting the package, Daniel Murray, James VE6SRV,
Barry VA6DX, Bruce VE6BRZ, Heinz VE6LDX, and Barry VE6JTB.

Our stowaway survived!
James VE6SRV & Barry VA6DX.


Just in case all the fancy technology
and preparation didn't work!

James VE6SRV and Michael VE6MJB inspect the latex remains from
the balloon that managed to partially foul the parachute shroud lines.


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